Alger Tree Farm
Family Owned and Operated Since 1966
7 Beacon Light Road, Califon, New Jersey 07830 Telephone: (908) 832-2298
Select & Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

We have an amazing selection of trees up to 10 feet plus!


OPEN WEEKENDS 8:30am-5:00pm

Although we are only fully staffed on the weekends, if you need to come on a weekday please call us to see if we can set up a mutually agreeable appointment time.

Alger Tree Farm is located near the crossroads of Morris, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties in New Jersey. Readily accessible from Route 78, Alger Tree Farm is seven miles north of Exit 24 (Oldwick) off Route 517 on Beacon Light Road.

Please use the link below for directions to our farm.

Directions to Alger Tree Farm

There are over 700 beautiful trees from which to choose ranging from 6 to 10 feet plus in height. Varieties include Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, Norway Spruce, and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Trees $100. Payment by cash, personal check, or Venmo.

The Alger Family has been selling Christmas Trees at this "Select & Cut Your Own" farm since 1966. Alger Tree Farm is the ideal place to experience a day in the country while choosing and cutting down your own Christmas Tree.

7 Beacon Light Road, Califon, New Jersey 07830 Telephone: (908) 832-2298

Your Fresh-Cut Tree

A fresh-cut tree not only will bring warmth, beauty and the rich scents of the season to your home but also will last throughout the holidays if given proper care. Please read on to learn more about selecting & cutting your Christmas Tree and how to care for your tree after you get home.

Selecting & Cutting Your Christmas Tree

It is difficult to gauge the height of trees in the field. To assist you in better choosing a tree that is the right height for your home, Alger Tree Farm has measuring sticks available for you to take with you as you wander about our 17 acres.

Even though you cannot cut your tree exactly even with the ground and you will need to cut an additional bit off the bottom of your tree when you get home, your stand will add about four inches and your top piece another four inches to the final height of your tree. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a tree that is somewhat shorter than the height of your ceiling. At our farm we have saws available to use to cut your own tree.

Once you have picked your tree and cut it down, we recommend tamping it hard on the ground several times to shake out any loose needles, dirt or grass that may be in the tree. Do not be surprised if quite a number of needles fall from your tree. This is perfectly normal and no indication whatsoever as to the overall health of your tree.

Before you leave Alger Tree farm, we will bale your tree in loose netting. This open-weave sleeve will make it easier for you to get your tree home and protect it on the way. We also have twine to assist you in securing your tree for its travel home.

What To Do With Your Tree When You Get Home

As soon as you get home, cut an additional 1/4inch off the stump of your tree and place it in water. As all trees at Alger Tree Farm are live in the field until you make your selection, they have lots of sap flowing through them. Pruning saws such as you will see on our farm are best for cutting through wet wood.

You can leave your tree outside until you are ready to trim it or bring it inside right away. Either way, we recommend keeping the netting on your tree until it is in its stand in your home.

The key to keeping your tree green will be to keep it away from direct heat and to keep the base wet. Fresh trees tend to be very thirsty; therefore, it is important that you check the tree's water at least once every day.

Enjoy your fresh-cut tree and we look forward to seeing you again next year at Alger Tree Farm!

7 Beacon Light Road, Califon, New Jersey 07830 Telephone: (908) 832-2298